There are many activities and services to help you enjoy a balanced life! Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventure, a vibrant art scene, child care (with almost non-existent waitlist) or simply activities to do in your down time, there is something for everyone living in Timmins.

Child Care

Child Care is much easier to find in Timmins compared with most places, whether your child is still an infant or is in daycare, preschool, or elementary school.

Recreation & Activities

No matter the season, we know how to have fun in Timmins.

Art Scene

There’s something about remoteness that has an interesting effect on the arts. Being slightly removed from mainstream trends affords artists the opportunity to search for their authentic voice. 


A fully accredited referral and teaching hospital and access to a network of health practitioners and a suite of health services, including after-hours clinics.

City Services

Municipal services throughout the city, including waste and recycling pickup, building permitting, road maintenance and more.


Whether you prefer to walk, bike, take the bus or drive, getting around in Timmins is convenient and safe.


There are many opportunities for prayer, worship, or other public religious services in Timmins including Catholic, Christian, and Orthodox churches, Jehovah’s Witness, and an Islamic Centre Mosque.